The School Cafeteria is operated for the students and outsiders  are not expected to use it without obtaining permission from the Cafeteria incharge. All those who use the cafeteria must conform


The school operates a regular dispensary with a trained Doctor nurse in attendance. An infirmary is open to students where qualified doctors are in attendance as needed. In case of serious illness, provision can be made for the hospital care of students at nearby nursing homes or the government general hospitals where complete medical and surgical facilities are available. The parents must meet the expenses.


All students staying in the hostel are to attend the evening study hall promptly and regularly. If it is necessary for a student to be absent from the study hall for legitimate reason, permission must be obtained from the respective dean. Excuse for the absence without any prior arrangement should be reported to the hostel dean concerned within two days absence. Unexcused absence makes the student liable to a fine of Rs. 20,00 per absence. Habitual absence without proper excuse will necessitate further disciplinary action. Discipline and silence must be maintained in the study hall. Student mail is carefully handled through the dean’s office in the respective dormitories. Under exceptional circumstance in the interest of the student and good name of the institution, the administration automatically grants the right to the management to check suspected mail.