A limited number of students of the Higher Secondary school may be admitted to the hostels operated by the institution. The school hostels are established and operated for the use of the students of the institution. Students whose homes are in the vicinity of the school and therefore can conveniently come to school daily from home may stay at home and be day scholars. All others are expected to reside in the hostel. Those who have immediate relatives in the vicinity of the school may be granted permission to stay with them by the Principal upon written request from the guardian, the student and the relative with whom the student desires to stay. However, the school reserves the right to ask any student to be in the hostel if it is found that the student would benefit thereby. When a student ceases to be a student, he/she is expected to vacate the hostel promptly. During the summer vacation, if for any reason, a student has to remain in the hostel, he/she must obtain special permission for the same and also agree to continue to observe all school rules and regulations. Such students must have an approved programme of study and or work during the vacation. Outsiders are not permitted to stay in the hostel. Relatives of students may be permitted to stay up to two days with specific permission of the respective hostel dean and as per conditions laid down by the hostel rules and regulations. Any student keeping an outsider in the hostel without proper permission makes himself/herself liable to serious discipline. Students whose homes are not on the campus are not to stay with any staff or married student who has quarters on the campus. If found staying he/she will be required to discontinue his/her studies.