Enrollment at SDA inter college carries with it obligations and responsibilities in regard to proper conduct at all times and in all places. The student is expected to maintain the standards as expected by the school as long as he/she enjoys the privilege of being a student. Any student who enjoys the privileges of the school but does not accept and discharge freely the responsibilities that go with the privileges, and who is not in harmony with the aims, objectives and standards of the school and is unwilling to observe its rules and regulations, will not be admitted or retained Because personal influence is a great power, a student is liable for dismissal if he/she is detrimental to his/her associates or the school as a whole,. The school does not admit or retain a student who practices any of the following:

  1. Drinking liquor or possessing it, or making it accessible to others, or allowing its use in ones room.
  2. Using any of the harmful drugs, or possessing it, or making it accessible to others, or allowing its use in ones room.
  3. Use of pan or tobacco in any form or possessing it, or making it accessible to others, or allowing its use in ones room.

Students are expected to abstain from gambling, from the use of profane language, from the reading of pernicious literature, from attending or participating in entertainment not approved by the school, from wearing unbecoming attire, and from clandestine meeting with the opposite sex.

Any unruly, boisterous behavior on the part of a student is looked upon with strong disapproval. Students are to maintain proper decorum at all functions of the school and in the classroom and on the campus. Students are expected to be properly and appropriately dressed and are to be neat, tidy and clean. A student is expected to have a wholesome and positive attitude and influence. If the school is convinced that a student is constantly showing a negative attitude, exerting an unwholesome influence, and refusing to accept counsel and advice, such a student may be asked to withdraw from the school. This is because the school feels that it is unable to help such a student to develop in harmony with its aims and objectives, while at the same time the student is exerting a harmful influence on others. SDA Inter College is a co-educational institution. Boys and girls are expected to conduct themselves in the classroom, in the cafeteria, in the assembly hall, and on the campus in a proper and decent manner and with due regard to the cultural standard of the school. Conformity to the social standards of the school is an important aspect of the educational life. SDA Inter College believes in wholesome and decent association between boys and girls. The conduct of a student toward the opposite sex must be above reproach and in conformity with the best traditions of the society.

The boys are expected to treat the girls with respect and courtesy. Any attempt to malign the name of a girl to humiliate, to ridicule, to harass in any way will invite serious disciplinary measures.

Students are expected to show respect to teachers and those who are given the task of supervision. Obedience is a virtue, and disobedience is not condoned. The school Social Committee plans the social activities for enjoyment of the students and staff. Any attempt to rag fellow scholars will be dealt sternly.Guidelines for Boarders:

Life at SDA Inter College is governed by the objective of education that self-government is the ideal. While no child, the student’s applications contains an agreement to observe the college. It is understood that attendance at SDA Inter College is a may be withdrawn from any student who does not conform to the code of N the college the student pledges to live in harmony with the spirit of the principle that character building is the highest religious test is required for the admission of a standards and the rules and regulations of the privilege and not a right; and that this privilege behaviour enunciated below. By registering in institution and abide by its guidelines.