Co-Curricular Acitivities & Clubs

The School encourages participation in activities which contribute to the students’ intellectual, physical, social and moral development. The school is also eager that every student builds leadership qualities, learns to take the initiative and develop talents. The school sponsors quite a few organizations for this purpose. Each student organization has a faculty sponsor,
The Sabbath School is directed by student officers. It provides experience in leadership, teaching, public speaking, singing and moral growth.
The Adventist Youth Society sponsors vocational endeavors, AY classes and group activities which promote the development of student initiative leadership.
The Pathfinder Club promotes physical, social, mental and ethical well-being in order develop a wholesome individual.

Social Activities:

Social Activities Committee of the school cares for the social and cultural programs of the institution, Saturday evenings are under devoted to social and cultural activities and programs that provide wholesome entertainment, Students get many opportunities to cultivate their talents through these programs. The social committee also screen educational films during this time.

Boys & Girls Clubs:

Social and cultural activities of the hostels are under the direction of the respective clubs in each hostel. The Boys’ and the Girls’ Club are governed by the officers elected by the students and take care of thespecial needs of the respective hostels. The respective Deans function assponsorsfor the clubs.

Sporting Acclivities:

In the age uvhere competitive sports have taken an important place in the lives of young people of the Inter College has taken into account the need to provide for the curriculum. SDA Inter College offers sports such as football Eduin Dass Cup (soccer), volleyball, basketball, cricket, badminton, tennis, baseball, throuball and athletics. The entire student body is divided into four houses for the purpose of sporting activities. House matches for various sports are organized on a regular basis. During the daily sports period the children are coached in the various sports and are allouved to play in an informal manner. The Inter College provides the equipment needed for all the sports and sporting activities. The Annual Sports Day is a function in which students participate in competitive athletics. Before the Annual Sports meet the student are coached in the practice and the conduct of athletics. The inter College employs full time coaches for girls and boys to facilitate the practice of sports and athletics.

The Indian National Temperance Association:

The Seventh-day Adventist philosophy of Temperance centres on the concept that one’s body is the “Temple of God” and to maintain the sanctity of this “Temple” we believe and promote the principles of temperance and a temperate life style. In keeping with this philosophy the school conducts activities to promote and inculcate the principles of temperance among the students. No student is permitted to have in his possession any drugs, alcohol or any substance that is addictive in nature or creates a dependency on it. In keeping with this philosophy the school cafeteria serves only vegetarian food uhich includes fresh vegetables, pulses, fruit, grains, nuts, cereals, etc. The school, accepting that this type of food is the “original diet” of man, does not serve non-vegetarian food in the cafeteria or permit its use in the hostels.