Academic Info


All applicants from outside of India must apply directly to the Principal. Application form may be obtained from the office by paying Rs. 500/- These should be filled in properly and sent to the office before March15. Mark list of the last two standards attended.

Transfer Certificates, Health Certificate and six passport size photographs must be enclosed. Obtain a bona fide certification for student’s visa and residential permit.


The Seventh-Day Adventist Inter College operates classes from Nursery to standard Twelve. The approximate number of students that can be accommodated in each standard is as follows:




1st standard

2nd standard

3nd standard

4th standard

5th standard

6th standard

7th standard

8th standard

9th standard

10th standard

11th standard

12th standard

30 students in each section

40 students in each section

40 students in each section

40 students in each section

40 students in each section

40 students in each section

40 students in each section

40 students in each section

40 students in each section

40 students in each section

40 students in each section

40 students in each section

40 students in each section

30  students (Commerce  and Sci. Arts stream)

30  students (Commerce  and Sci. Arts stream)


Admission is granted to new students on merit basis and as per vacancy. When the number of accommodation in a class is reached, the admission is closed. No new student will be admitted in Std X & XII except those who seek admission in these classes from a school affiliated to the council and the parent / guardian is transferred in service and only if the head of the school is satisfied with the performance of the student in Std IX or XI.


Evaluation of student’s performance by tests, examinations and assignments are vital to help the students and the guardians to understand the progress the students are making in the class. It also helps the teacher and the school to gauge the students progress and enables the school to advise parents regarding their ward. Class quizzes are given at the discretion of the teacher. It is, however, expected that the teacher will use this method to evaluate the students and to motivate them to study. Besides class tests two midterm and two term examinations are being conducted and progress reports are sent to the parents. The final term examination covers entire class syllabus.

A student who is absent from any examination cannot be expected to take a special examination. If for any extraordinary and unavoidable reason, a special examination is requested, approval for it will have to be given by the Vice-Principal and a special fee has to be paid. Any unfair and dishonest practice such as copying, showing answer papers to other students, passing materials to other students, talking to another student etc. is strictly prohibited. Students indulging in any of these will be reported to the chief invigilator and Vice-Principal immediately. Such students will be debarred from taking the remaining exams of that period. This will result in failure of that student in that standard that year.


For standards Nursery – IX and XI the minimum pass mark in each subject is 40%. For promotion, a student must have 40% in each of six subjects including English. Moral Instruction is a compulsory subject and failure in it can lead to promotion being withheld


Transfer certificate will be issued to a withdrawing student only if his/her accounts are settled and other clearances such as the library and hostels are obtained. A student should give at least ten day’s prior notice to the school for his/her transfer certificate. “There is no refund of the tuition fees and development fee.”

Deposited money for hostel students is refundable if not used by the student in sickness or emergency. The term fee is charged to a student who withdraws during the term.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The responsibility for the correct selection of subject to meet university or professional requirements of a candidate will be that of the school. School will not offer any courses for which there is no adequate provision made (infrastructure/classroom /qualified teacher).